Saturday, April 10, 2010

The simple joy of an organised & well stocked pantry.

I dedicate this post to my good friend Wendy, who is also my able assistant in my janeCOOKS Cooking Classes.
Why? because it was Wendy who gave me the idea to stamp my own jar labels and it is Wendy who will also benefit from my now reorganised Pantry.
As we embark on Term 2 of janeCOOKS Cooking Classes , Wendy will be glad to access the newly organised pantry, to gather the ingredients needed, for the recipes we will be demonstrating in the classes.
I have designed and overseen the installation of two kitchens, in the two homes we have owned over the past ten years. Both times I decided on the pantry space, size and location first, then really designed the kitchen around the pantry space.
A big pantry is just one of the simple joys of a kitchen that works for you. Your pantry stock above all else, needs to be accessible and every pantry needs a clean out, at least annually, to rid yourself of the clutter and items that have reached there used by date. These out of date discoveries, can be quite amusing, and the more out of date some items are, such as jars of ground spices, it makes you realise how long it is, since you either added spices or did a clean out!!
This school holidays, although I had many other things I needed to do, I chose to clean out and reorganise my pantry. Although some may find this strange, I thoroughly enjoyed the task! I wiped out the shelves, I washed out all my glass storage jars. I then made some new fun labels for the jars, using some adhesive labels, rubber alphabet stamps, ink stamp pad and contact plastic.

I visited the local supermarket for more jars and labels, I reorganised the space to make the jars more accessible and then I made a list of any stock that was needed.
I placed a large order with my organic suppliers and once that arrived yesterday, I refilled all the jars and I stacked the shelves high.

Now all my jars are labelled and filled, my pantry is full and it is looking good.
What can I say, but going to the pantry for ingredients at my place, is just one big happy experience right now.

One of the keys to enjoying your cooking is preparation and the first step to preparation is to begin with an organised, well stocked pantry. In the next "In the Pantry" blog post, I'll talk about some of the essential ingredients, every pantry needs to have. In the meantime be inspired to visit your pantry, big or small and give it a makeover, you'll enjoy the outcome. I am expecting that Wendy will be nothing but impressed, when she arrives again at my pantry next week! I can just hear her saying "Oh looks amazing!"

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Anonymous said...

Jane, I love reading through all your blog posts. You have such a gift to create and even if you did marry up academicly ( I don't really think so) you certainly have enormous gifts. I love this post about the pantry. I do love sorting out my pantry and throwing things out and wondering what the heck I was thinking buying such huge quantities of some items. Your pantry is inspiring, I love the labels and I am just wondering if you came up with a system to date stamp the jars so that they all get used in time. But then I remembered that you actually do cook and that you use the things you buy! Well done, amazing friend. Keep on inspiring us all.

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy those jars please? Thanks

Jane Grover said...

I bought the jars from my local Woolworths supermarket, however this was over 5 years ago now so not sure if they still stock them.
Hope this helps! Jx