Monday, July 5, 2010

Agape Organic Restaurant & Bar

Last weekend we enjoyed a lovely night with friends at Agape Organic Restaurant & Bar in Botany. I am hoping and believing that over time, demand will allow us to see, great organic eateries and restaurants popping up all over Sydney. However, for the moment eating out true organic in Sydney, is like your children playing a representative sport! Meaning you need to travel some distance to enjoy the experience. All three of the guys (our husbands!) at our table, all from the North side of the bridge, agreed they had only ever passed the sign to Botany, on their way to the airport. This dinner out, was the first time they had actually stopped in Botany.
When is the last time you did something for the first time.... I wonder?
I heard about this restaurant through my organic suppliers "Lettuce Deliver Organics" and had been keen to try it for some time.
"Agapé is Sydney's first organic Spelt Pizza Restaurant and Bar serving spelt pizza and tapas. Proudly supporting Australian farmers using the best Bio-Dynamic, Certified Organic, Sustainable and Natural produce.
Executive Chef Simon Lawson has over 15 years experience working in some of Sydney’s top restaurants. AgapĂ© is breaking down the stigma that organic food is expensive. It doesn't have to be! Using local ingredients, buying smartly and in season. Organic food is better for you, tastes better and is better for the world we live in."

The restaurant is located on a corner in Botany's main street and once inside, it is really more like entering someones home.

The first thing to admire is the abundance of chandeliers and candles, making for very ambient lighting as you enter the dining room. This theme runs right throughout the restaurant space, and even going to the ladies, was a ambient experience, with little glass candle lights adorning the cubicles!! YES I took my camera in there too!

Although I have since heard, that the Pizzas and tapas are fantastic at Agape, (which may lead to a return visit soon!) we ordered mains, vegetable sides and desserts for our meal, the portion sizes were generous and the food was really delicious.
Between the six of us ordering, I managed to see five different mains and five different desserts, it always makes me happy to get a good snapshot of a restaurant's menu in one sitting.
The guys ordered the
"Spanner crab, prawns, patagonian scallops, rice quinoa spaghetti, tomato, chilli & garlic" $30

"Roast chicken, mushroom, confit garlic, kale & potato gratin" $29

"Roast lamb, rosemary, garlic, soft polenta, amaranth & salsa verde" $29

One of us girls also ordered the lamb and
"Hiramasa kingfish, spice roasted pumpkin, apple & parsley" $30

and that night's special for me the "Waygu beef fillet with truffle" (couldn't resist)$35

Accompanied by some steaming sides of vegetables
"Sweet corn, olive oil, sea salt & butter" $10
"Broccoli with garlic butter" $10

The service was wonderful and very friendly.
We all enjoyed a taste of organic wine with our meal as well.
2009 KRINKLEWOOD Biodynamic Francesca Rose Hunter Valley NSW
$9 glass/$40 bottle

After travelling out to Botany, how could we not have dessert?
It is after all organic dessert!!!
The guys ordered the
"Spelt blood plum & apple pie, vanilla ice cream" $16

"Honey cinnamon & vanilla brulee, almond biscotti" $15

"Organic ice cream & sorbet" $12
The girls ordered
two lots of the
"Pear & almond cake, roasted pear ice cream, vanilla syrup" $15

"Vanilla pannacotta, valencia orange, grand marnier, polenta biscuits" $15

Including some sparkling mineral water and a couple of organic beers to start (not each!!) we had a wonderful night out. At approx $60 per head, no doubt it would work out cheaper still, if you went the Pizza & tapas option instead, we found it value for money.
So next time you feel like doing something for the first time, take a drive on the south side to Botany and feel the love at Agape.

Not only are they serving up great organic food, but they are people of vision, wanting to make a difference, involved in social justice through Agape Community, so take a look at their website.
Agape Organic Restaurant & Bar
1385-1387 Botany Road
Botany NSW 2019
(corner of Botany Road and Bay Street)
Tel: +61 2 8668 5777
Fax: +61 2 8668 5681


Silvia said...

Oh my!!!!
Really wish I had eaten lunch BEFORE reading that, (watch out fridge and pantry you are about to be ransacked)
The menu sounds amazing!!!!
Great post Jane, l really felt the LUUUURRRVE !!!


Anonymous said...

Yum, yum!! Loved reading both the recipes on your site (want to try both) and the visit to Agape review, my mouth was watering looking at the dessert pictures. Penn