Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To Market! To Market!

Photo courtesy of our friend Tracey Berry @traceaberry

This past month, my Italian friend Silvia and I, have been planning and cooking and planning and cooking, to begin an exciting new adventure together, running a market stall at The Beaches Market every Friday, open 8am - 1pm.
We have been very, busy beavers, sourcing and ordering supplies of organic tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and basil for our sauce, as well as Ball & Mason preserving jars to bottle the sauce in. We had a wonderful lesson in the making of Italian pasta sauce from 'Nonna' herself, Joanna (Silvia's mother).

We raided Silvia's barn to search out the appropriate wares to take to market, we tended to our organic seedlings, bought trestle tables, sandbags and borrowed a tent from a friend (thanks Ali!). Silvia made a stylish trim for the tent, chalked signage and stamped price tags, together we made labels for our sauces and then cooked and bottled dozens of jars of sauce ready for sale.

We had agreed in our initial discussions, that we both wanted it to be a fun and reasonably relaxed experience this market life venture. Neither of us wanted to do a whole lot of lifting and carrying, or as we have been humourously refering to it, this past month as 'schlepping' ( schlep means 'to drag or lug oneself or an object with difficulty').
We were as ready as we were ever going to be and had planned to begin the first week of March, however rather inclement weather conditions, (regardless of the fact that the car was packed and ready to go the night before), delayed our launch day for another week and so we unpacked the car again (so much for no schlepping) and went out to lunch instead (we were hungry after all that effort)!
The following week (last Friday), it was a much more pleasant morning for us to begin, we arrived at 6am, at the field on Walsh Street, Warriewood, where the market is held each week. Joining many others unpacking our wares from cars, trucks and trailers, some folk had travelled from farms for several hours, to bring their produce to market. Together we all set up our tents and tables on our own little patch of grass, as the sun slowly rose in the background and the helpful day light began to appear.

Our main aim in running our little stall is to further promote Naked Food Cookbook, as well as launch Silvia's business The Lost & Found Department. Oh and as mentioned already to do as little schlepping as possible, when you are setting up and then packing up your stall in the same day!

What you will find at our stall is many things that we are both passionate about, Silvia's gorgeous vintage and pre-loved wares, lost and now found and lovingly restored for you to buy, Naked Food Cookbook, organic seedlings for your autumn/winter planting, Ball & Mason preserving jars, both empty for your own needs and filled with The Lost & Found Dept. famous 'Nonna's organic pasta sauce'.

We also plan in the weeks ahead, to produce some seasonal, preserved, organic fruit and vege and offer for sale home made baked goods, from the recipes in Naked Food Cookbook.
We would love you to pop down to the market and say hi this coming Friday, look out for our stall with the red tent and the black and white striped trim.

We will both be there happy to help and have a chat about all things food and gardening, organics and recyled/restored wares and if you haven't yet grabbed a copy of Naked Food Cookbook, here is your chance to buy direct from the author and have it personally signed by the author Jane Grover(oh that's me!).

The Beaches Market
Located on Walsh Street, Warriewood NSW 2102
Every Friday 8am - 1pm
For more info on the market or to set up a stall contact Lindsay 0414 809 916 or Phil 0477 223 655
'The Beaches Market is the best place to buy your quality weekly food requirements. Here you can find farmer's produce, including organic and conventional fresh fruit and veg sellers, meats direct from the farm, delicious dairy products and tasty cakes and treats gallore!
Stay a while for a great tasting coffee, munch on a wide choice of yummy ready to eat foods from aroud the world and browse the selection of unique and interesting fashion and homeware products from the many other stalls.'


Ally @ Om Nom Ally said...

I wish I still lived in NSW, The Beaches Market looks like the kind of place I would love to spend my Friday morning!
Hope the stall is going well, I love the combination of food, plants and wares you have on offer.

janecooks said...

Thanks Ally @ Om Nom Ally we wish you still lived in Sydney too and could frequent the market - we had a wonderful first morning selling our wares - if you are ever visiting Sydney again, make sure you come see us on the Friday!

Jill Dyson said...

This sounds great and fun too (I hope). Will have to tell my sister who lives at Newport. Bit far from the Southern Highlands but lovely to meet you Silvia last weekend and see you again Jane. We will have to make the trip down to see you one Fri - to see your stall AND to get a signed copy of the NAKED FOOD CookBook! Cheers, Jill (FoodPath Tours)