Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the Road Trip - Australia - Wallaga Lake & Bermagui NSW

As planned we got away last Saturday morning, beginning our three months travel of Australia's coastline to Western Australia and back again. We are still pinching ourselves that it is actually happening! We do have some what of a schedule to follow, although it is flexible, which is how we wanted to roll with this holiday!
Heading south we travelled for just over three hours, before we took a pitt stop at one of our fav foodie places on the South Coast, Pilgrims Wholefood/Vegetarian Cafe in Milton. Best burgers and fresh juices in town, a welcome refuel for us, with another three hours yet to drive, to reach our first camp site.

Bliss Burger
Mountain Burger

We have explored the NSW South Coast before, but only as far as Narooma, so it made sense for our first stop to be just past that point. We chose Wallaga Lake, just a few minutes drive from the sea side town of Bermagui.
As we rounded the bend to come into Wallaga Lake, we were greeted by the most gorgeous, old 'one way traffic' wooden bridge. Instantly we knew we had left Sydney behind and Mr G (which is what I am calling my better half for the duration of this trip!) eyes grew wider, as he imagined the fishing prospects of such a large body of water, for he and his beloved boat, we are towing behind us!

Wallaga Lake Bridge

Our chosen camp ground was pure luck really, just picked off the internet some months back...it proved to be 'oh so amazing'! It is probably interesting information to add at this point, that Mr G and I have not ventured camping, since our first born son Tom arrived nearly twenty one years ago now! Many were perplexed we should choose such accommodation to celebrate Mr G's three month long service leave. However, it was the most affordable option for us and would best meet our desire to live the simpler life, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life for a time.
Wallaga Lake Ocean Lake Caravan Park has ticked all the boxes for us, it was remote and quite, yet close to the town of Bermagui to get necessary groceries. It was on the still water providing excellent access for our boat, yet close to the beach too. It was scenic beyond expectation, as well as clean, tidy and well equipped, plus the people were friendly!

And yes we did have a seaplane land in front of our tent on the second afternoon and park next to us for the duration of our stay....random but very funny!
Fishing was the main activity at this first stop and Wallaga Lake provided us with plenty!

and I got to do the filleting!
the local pelicans were happy about our catch too!

Aside from the fishing, there was also the cooking and then the eating...simple whole food, cooked camp style, including water views with every meal!

afternoon fresh fruit
dinner of fresh caught fish/Taylor with vegetables
morning fruit platters
dinner of pan fried bream fillet crumbed with lemon thyme, camp made chunky chips & Greek salad

Apart from fishing, cooking, eating...we have done some reading, sitting around the campfire, sleeping and talking together!
We also managed to see some of the local sights, all quite breathtaking.... (even if Jake seems to indicate otherwise!)

Dickinson Point, Bermagui with Gulaga Mountain (previously known as Mt Dromadery) in the background
Blue Pool, Bermagui

Wetlands, Bermagui
Coastal Scrub, Camel Rock Beach
Sunrise at Camel Rock Beach
Sunrise at Camel Rock
Camel Rock by day
A visit to the pretty nearby town of Tilba Tilba
A delicious 'burger with the lot' from Pams store!
The home of South Coast Cheese in Central Tilba - (I do love their 3yr aged vintage cheddar!)
A very character filled place is the main street of Central Tilba (and the bakery makes a lovely seeded sourdough!)

We have really loved our time here at Wallaga Lake, it has been just the relaxing start we needed to our epic adventure!
The time has just about come to move on from here, we have had a maintenance day today, clothes washing, cleaning the boat, writing my blog and repacking all 'our stuff' again! Tomorrow morning, we head further south along the coast into Victoria. We are excited to see more new places and arrive at our next stop at the very bottom of Victoria, the much talked about Wilson's Promontory.

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