Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food and Words 2014

Food; to discover seasonal food, to cook, to eat.
Words; to write, to talk, in my case to start a conversation about almost anything, but especially food.

'Food & Words is a food writers' festival, a cerebral feast, a day of convivial conversation;
writers, cooks, chefs talking about food, a charming day out, a remarkable event, like minds sharing a culinary adventure.'

Barbara Sweeney, in her day job writes about food and restaurants in the Sydney Morning Herald and Country Style magazine, and she teaches food writing. She began Food and Words in 2012 and also runs Talking Cookbook at Eveleigh Farmers' Market. 
Her vision for the annual Food & Words event is to gather writers, chefs, cooks to start a conversation together, talking about food. This is such a great event, an inspiring, thought provoking, challenging and amusing collection of speakers, all adding their unique perspectives to further enlarge our perspective, on food and words.

A gorgeous venue at The Mint on Macquarie Street in Sydney. A classy picnic lunch in the sunshine, showcasing recipes from Mike McEnearney's new book 'Kitchen By Mike'. Matching wines by Lowe Family Wines, an organic winery in Mudgee, NSW. The stage was set for a day of culinary spoiling and luxurious frivolity, fortunately I was amongst friends who specialise in such activities.
If you like food, or to cook food or to write about food, to eat good food or you just like to listen to others prattle on about such things, you might enjoy attending the Food & Words event in September 2015.


Chris Cooper said...

Hey Jane. That looks absolutely wonderful and extremely mouth-watering. The photos you took are so clear, colourful and I should imagine captured the afternoon brilliantly. I'll definitely be going in 2015.

Love Chris

Jane Grover said...

Thanks Chris x I thought of how much you would love it as I was writing this post. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop when next year's event is announced! Jx