Monday, November 3, 2014

Jane's Kitchen Table

It is a great privilege in life to spend your days doing what you are passionate about.
Jane's Kitchen Table is the perfect opportunity for you to share in just that.
It's a piece of me, a peek in the window of my way of living, my local market, my garden, my kitchen, my table. A day of learning and laughter, where you'll meet the loveliest of farmers and food producers. We'll pick fresh produce from my garden, gather eggs from my hens, cook a simple lunch together and then eat it at my table. I know you'll leave happy and satisfied, I hope you'll leave inspired to share what you've learnt and seen with others.
A couple of weeks back now we did just that and I felt sure you'd like to see what that looked like!
One dear guest Libby, traveled for 2 hours on a train and two buses to enjoy her day at Jane's Kitchen Table. Sam and Chris live locally and know me well, they happily came along. Lovely Luisa came to take these gorgeous photos for me, so as to further promote this new initiative. 
You could say it was a bit of a 'guniea pig run' being my first attempt at this event. I learnt a lot from the experience, mainly that trying to get four chatty women to obediently follow you at a market, with only a brief time frame is just ludicrous! As always I am up for a challenge and so we will be doing it again!
Why don't you join me?

All images taken by photographer Luisa Brimble


Sam Statham said...

Thats pretty hard core food porn!

Elizabeth said...

Oh... What wonderful news... The next time I am in Sydney... I will be at your table :) are you doing them every friday or just once a month!!! So excited for you! Liz x

Jane Grover said...

You know it Sam! Food Glorious Food!

Jane Grover said...

You are always welcome at my table Liz x