Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve...and I am wondering about that gorgeous Christmas story my parents used read to me as a child, it began 'Twas the night before Christmas....and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse!'
It's coming up the night before Christmas at my place and things are not so quiet here, there is still plenty of stirring going on. Last minute wrapping of gifts and setting of the family table. Our fridge is bursting with seafood, salads and beverages, my ovens are cranked with slow roasted pork shoulder and potato, thyme and leek bake, whilst my home made apple cider sauce bubbles away on the stove. We are preparing, (actually it is mostly me that is preparing, the rest of the family seems quite rested...hmmmm) for much feasting with our family and extended family over the next thirty six hours.
Two thousand and fourteen is nearly done and it has been another full and fruitful year.
I wanted to wish you all the happiest Christmas and New Year period, may there be moments of celebration and rest as you pause and reflect on another year crept by.
Thank you for following my path of adventure with all things food, garden, farmers markets, Naked Food cookbook and our road trip wanderings, over this past twelve months.
Highlights for me have been 
*our unforgettable three month road trip across the bottom of Australia
*opportunities this year for me to meet some really wonderful people who share the same passion for wholesome food and cooking
*remarkably over 3500 copies of Naked Food Cookbook now sold in Australia and NZ, as well as encouraging feedback coming from people who have used the cookbook, and have found the recipes simple to follow creating confidence to cook and eat well  
*opportunity to donate funds from cookbook sales to the charity Aussie Helpers, who are helping our Australian farmers facing drought, and associated poverty and depression
You can donate here 
*twenty one live cooking shows across Australia, spreading the word to cook and eat well for your health, urging people to support Australian farmers by shopping at Farmers' Markets and buying local and Australian produce 
*the first Jane's Kitchen Table workshop at my local Farmers' Market, home garden and kitchen, there'll be more in 2015

We are heading off to Tasmania on January 1st for another six week road trip adventure, exploring more of our magnificent Australia, this time the Apple Isle. I am so looking forward to the diverse scenery, the abundant food and Mr G catching a load of fish. We plan for some remote camping on Bruny Island and some serious hiking of Cradle Mountain, my camera and I will capture you a taste of all we do and see so stay tuned! xJ

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Elizabeth said...

Yes it has been a fabulous year exploring with you :) I'm so excited to see your adventures in Tasmania and a little jealous... Make sure you go to the Bruney Island Cheese factory and try their raw milk cheese it is divine :) Thanks for sharing
Liz x