Friday, October 28, 2011

Lunch at MUMU Grill

We had the opportunity last weekend to do two things on my to do list, catch up with lovely friends Jeff and Wendy for lunch and visit Sydney's Sustainable Steakhouse at Crows Nest, MUMU Grill!
MUMU Grill as the name indicates is all about meat and although we are not massive meat eaters, I have heard good reports and wanted to try this place, that is very serious about their meat!
"If you want a bloody good steak this is where it is. We are the only steakhouse that uses only 100% grass fed beef with all our other ingredients organic or sustainable."
If you are a vegetarian, there are limited menu options for you! If you do find the thought or sight of meat eating offensive, it is probably a good time to stop reading now, as the majority of food description and photos to follow are very meaty! It is a steakhouse after all!
MUMU Grill is somewhat hidden away on the corner of Alexander Street and Ernest Place in busy Crows Nest, where you can either sit inside or outside, both areas are quite large and very pleasant.

It was a lovely afternoon and we were very happy with our decision to sit outside, on cushioned seats amongst the potted plants.
First up it has to be said that the service was wonderful, from booking over the phone, to arrival, ordering and enjoying our meal, the service was friendly and incredibly efficient.
We began with some
Fresh baked wood fired bread & dips $6.90

and a couple of dishes to share from the Small Plates Menu.
Zucchini flowers stuffed with herbed ricotta and cabra $9.90

and a special of
Wagyu Sausage with a corn relish $11.90

MUMU Grill specialises in grass-fed beef sourced from around the
country. Grass-fed beef is healthier for you,better for our environment and equally important, it tastes fantastic! Grass-fed beef has less fat so is better enjoyed when cooked below medium. Unless stated – All beef comes with green Beans and new potatoes, mash or chips

For main course the two men both ordered...
TASMANIAN ANGUS RUMP 300g Topped with roast garlic mustard $28.90

As the blogger at the table, I have free license to taste my husband's food!
The rump was full of flavour, cooked beautifully medium rare, with a delicious creamy mustard and some generous grilled mushrooms as an extra side.
...and for the ladies!
VICTORIAN BEEF FILLET 160g Wrapped in sage & proscuitto, café de Paris butter and served on mashed Pontiac potato $32.90
...which Wendy thoroughly enjoyed!

SLOW ROAST BANGALOW PORK SHOULDER 15 Hour roast pork shoulder served with
Celeriac and Apple remoulade $34.90

This was my choice and the pork was melt in your mouth, with a crunchy crackling, and the remoulade was an excellent accompaniment and balance of flavours.
As I chose to sit and enjoy the remainder of the Organic Shiraz, (we BYO'd with a $10 corkage charge per bottle....we only had one!!) and Wendy enjoyed a cup of tea with a delightful Moo Cow Milk Jug, we were thankful the men had ordered dessert so we could "share"!

CHOCOLATE TARTE with macadamia shortbread base and mandarin curd $16.90

This was soooo yum and the mandarin with the chocolate was a taste sensation, the ice cream was also really good!


Jeff gave this brulee the thumbs up!
We had a very enjoyable time at the MUMU Grill, if you like meat I'd highly recommend it! As it says on the MUMU Grill menu....
"Add all this to the great big dollops of love from Chef, Craig Macindoe and his team,and you’re in for a fun feed that will keep you going MUMU MOO all the way home."

MUMU Grill
In the heart of Crows Nest on the corner of Alexander St and Ernest Place,
70 Alexander St, Crows Nest
Reservations T 9460 6877
See their Website for other fun events such as RIBFEST, NOSE TO TAIL DINNERS & BEEF & BEER MASTERCLASS
MUMU Grill has parking out the back (off Willoughby Lane) after 5.30pm. There is ample parking in 2 parking stations, one in Holterman St and one on the corner of Alexander and Burlington St. Both parking stations are 100m away from the restaurant.

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