Saturday, October 15, 2011

Organic Food & Laughter as JaneCOOKS LIVE for Everywoman

Another fun night out cooking organic food and laughing with the C3 Everywoman crowd!

Ably assisted once again, by my friend and incredible assistant Wendy Kendrew and supported by the wonderful C3 Events and Everywoman team the stage was ready to go.

A happy crowd of women arrived, eager to learn, taste and see, how to cook simple and nutritious organic food.

The stage was adorned with my favourite things, fresh poppies, fresh produce and all things red & white!

During the show we had some lovely giveaways from Lettuce Deliver Organics, The Veggie Lady, Ready to Plant Organics & JaneCOOKS Cooking Classes & Market Tours.
Our first recipe was an Organic Beef & Bean Nachos with Homemade Guacamole.
First up frying and grinding spices...
A beautiful friend Sheralyn from the audience, came to the stage to help out grind spices, with the mortar and pestle!

Onion and garlic...

Then there was finely chopped chilli...

Everyone seemed to enjoy my very visual demonstration of where the rump is?

and then we had a beef and bean mix cooking at a simmer!

Meanwhile we threw together a very simple Guacamole

and then it was time to plate up!
Beginning with a layer of Organic Corn Chips, we added our Beef & Bean Mix

Followed by the Guacamole

Some delicious tomato salsa and finish with natural yoghurt and shallots.

and after I had a quick taste, we invited some lovely ladies up onto the stage to taste too!

Our second recipe of the night was a Carrot, Walnut & Date Spice Cake with a Mascapone Cheese Icing.
It is hard to know whether we would have made it through this second recipe so smoothly, if it wasn't for the exceptional grating of carrots and smelling of nutmeg... skills, from our glamorous stage MC Tracey Berry!

After demonstrating how to make the cake, I then produced one I had prepared a little earlier!

Then the icing was prepared...

and finished with coconut.

Onto cutting the cake...

and a slice to taste, that went out to my daughter Molly and her two nieces Olivia and Emily in the audience to share!

All that in fifty minutes LIVE on stage...yes it is all in the preparation!
Love to hear how you go, when you try cooking these simple to do organic recipes at home!
All the beautiful photographs in this post were taken by the lovely and talented photographer, Stacie La Greca of Stacie_petraphotography.

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