Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little peek at the Naked Food 'Paddock to Plate' Love Feast

My most recent post was to let you all know, about the upcoming Naked Food 'Paddock to Plate' Love Feast at Agape Organic Restaurant and Bar on May 5th. Well it has now been and gone, many thanks to all who came along, it was such a lovely day celebrating farmers and the wonderful produce that comes from their paddock to our plate.
I wanted to share a few pics of the event with you, Executive Chef Simon Lawson's food is something to be really enjoyed, I just love his talent in the kitchen and his sister Lyn Yu's divine styling and service on the afternoon and always, makes you want to book in for another Love Feast soon.

All photography with thanks to the talented Lyn Yu

Each of the six courses profiled two producers in each dish and the flavour combinations were genuis.

green ag farm turkeys & inglewood farm chickens -
chicken broth, handmade spelt noodles, kale, spring onions, chilli oil

marlborough king salmon & spiral foods -
miso & citrus cured king salmon, tamari, wakame, cucumber, sprouts, royal quinoa

buronga farm goat & paris creek -
goat kofta, yoghurt, tomato, quinoa, parsley & spelt flatbread

kealford farm pork and rosnay -
homemade pork chorizo, rosnay olives, roasted peppers, chimmichurri

gundooee wagyu beef & olive green organics -
slow cooked wagyu beef, quinoa & amaranth porridge,
mushrooms, royal black quinoa & truffle butter, salsa verde

oxhill eggs & bauers farm -
spiced carrot cake, cream cheese icing, vanilla custard,
pumpkin ice cream, pepita & popped quinoa

I was privileged to share with the guests about my passion for organics, wholefoods and the hard working farmers and producers who grow our food. We also heard from one of the farmers Rob from Gundooee beef and then Chef Simon said a few words. At the end of the afternoon I was able to sell and sign copies of my Naked Food Cookbook. Thank you Simon & Lyn & Nicky for having me at Agape.

All photography with thanks to the talented Lyn Yu

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